MiniWeed is a whole new implement for mechanical weed control for both cereals and maize.

The frame is available in 3 and 4,5 m working widths. The front mounted frame ensures easy steering and control of the implement.

Every single share is individually connected to a parallelogram with its own depth control wheel, ensuring a uniform working depth.

This product is developed by AGROINTELLI and co-financed by GUDP.




  • Perfect for smaller farms
  • Inexpensive, simple and economical
  • Precise steering with a great overview of the implement and work process
  • Compatible with all mini-loaders
  • Low weight
  • The cleaning section´s working width can be ajusted from 25 to 75 cm
  • Easily changeable between 25 and 75 cm row widths
  • Every share is individually mounted which ensures a uniform working depth

MiniWeed 3000:
A 3 m stiff boom for row cleaning between 4-5 maize rows of 75 cm or for cleaning between 3 m cereals with a 25 cm width

MiniWeed 4500:
A 4,5 m frame with foldable wings for row cleaning between 7 maize rows of 75 cm or between 4 m cereals with a 25 cm row width

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